Washington, DC

via change.org

From a Change.org petition:

“A proposal is underway to build a new heliport at 12th and Water Street SE, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at the base of the 11th street bridge. This is a short-sighted use of prime riverfront land. There have been zero discussions with the community on the location and the environmental, health and quality of life impacts. We need to speak up NOW to be involved in the decision-making process before it’s too late.

Constant helicopter traffic in this neighborhood location would have a serious negative impact on this important stretch of the Anacostia River. Not only would it eliminate important green and public spaces, it would:

Block the popular Anacostia River Trail
Create constant noise for Capitol Hill neighbors, including nearby residents of Hopkins public housing project
Disrupt plans for the 11th Street Bridge Park and historic Boathouse Row redevelopments
Risk environmental damage to the re-emerging Anacostia river by installing a refueling station”


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