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“Last night was our final night of service.”

1914 9th Street, NW

From Dino’s Grotto:

“After more than 14 years at two locations, it is time to move on. While we have two closing parties left, Last night was our final night of service. I will miss all our fans. Seeing so many couples bring in kids and saying that Dino was where they had heir first date was amazing. Sharing memories and stories the last time made this a real celebration.

It’s hard to realize how many weddings, engagements and even divorces were celebrated at our restaurants. The number of birthday and anniversaries celebrated at one of the Dios must be in the 5,000 to 10,000 range. We were even the spot three families of former customers/friends chose to celebrate the lives of recently deceased loved ones.

Kay and I look forward to our new life able to spend time together! There will be food-oriented stuff happening, just no more restaurants. To keep up on the curated food adventures, private in-home chef experiences, pop-ups, food trips to Italy and more, please get on our email list or follow us on twitter.

I think I am going to sleep for 3 weeks straight! But I wanted to thank all who supported us over the years.

This will be my final post on this facebook page. While it makes us able to keep in touch, Facebook is evil. They have destroyed our privacy, corrupted our political process and have a complete disregard for decency, integrity and honest behavior.

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