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Speaking of breakfast sandwiches, Oath Pizza has just launched theirs:

“We wanted to share that Oath Pizza — the Nantucket-born pizza brand known for its award-winning thin crust that is grilled and seared in avocado oil and topped with all-natural and humanely-raised ingredients — launched breakfast service for the first time on Tuesday.

Oath Pizza has gained a cult-following for their signature, thin-crust pizzas like the Bella with mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic and fresh basil; the Spicy Mother Clucker with roasted chicken, pickled red onions, Sriracha and mozzarella; and their dessert Chocolate Chunk Cookie pizza with chocolate chunk cookie dough, ricotta and powdered sugar. The fast-growing pizza brand offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options at all of its 50+ locations throughout the country.

Oath Pizza’s new breakfast menu offers a range of breakfast pizzas and breakfast sandwiches, that are made using their award-winning thin crust as the bread. Sharing details on the new menu items below:

New Breakfast Sandwiches:

Egg & Cheese Sandwich featuring free range eggs, mozzarella and scallions.
Egg, Cheese & Bacon Sandwich with Applegate smoked bacon, along with mozzarella, scallions and free range eggs.
Egg, Cheese & Sausage Sandwich with Applegate Italian sausage, along with mozzarella, scallions and free range eggs.

New Breakfast Pizzas:

Egg & Cheese Breakfast Pizza, featuring free range eggs, mozzarella and scallions, with the option of adding Applegate smoked bacon or Italian sausage.

Oath Pizza is also offering a variety of La Colombe’s popular draft lattes, like their Triple Draft Latte, Vanilla Draft Latte and Mocha Draft Latte. For breakfast, Oath Pizza is now open at 8am.”

110 M Street, SE


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