Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Clif Burns

“Dear PoPville,

The house my husband and I rent changed ownership, and property management, a couple months ago. We came home from work yesterday to find our water shut off. We’ve since learned from the new property manager that the prior owner/property manager hadn’t paid (or transitioned) the water bill for many, many months. They’ve now paid DC Water and we are told the water will either be turned back on today…or Monday.

[Ed. Note: this note was sent on Friday.]

My question for the masses is this – clearly a lot of delinquency took place here, but how on earth can DC Water shut off the water to a residence without giving the tenants ANY notice? I understand that they would have sent many notices to the bill (non)payor, but it seems like we should have gotten a notice on the door, a mailing, something! And…apparently DC Water doesn’t turn on water on over a weekend? Has this happened to anyone else?”


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