Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I was assaulted on Sunday at 9am near 14th and P Street, NW. I am 37 weeks pregnant. The guy was arrested. The person who assaulted me was released on streets yesterday [Tuesday] while awaiting trial! I confirmed in DC court records (he has 14 pages, over 300 entries in the DC court system or crimes he has been accused of.) He is a serial sexual assaulter and groper in NW DC, articles are saying he has had more than 70 arrests but always released.

He is back at it, although I was not sexual assaulted. He came up to me while I was walking and pushed my stomach. Continued to try to push on my stomach while I was trying to move out the way. I’m not sure if his intent was to harm a baby, me, rob me??? Not a clue. Completely crazy this guy is not in jail with his record. Women should be aware this. He has been arrested so many times in this exact area.”


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