Washington, DC

Ed. Note: What’s your favorite condo/building name? Mine is still the Dudington in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights.

There is not one but two Fahrenheit buildings, one of course is located next door to the Celsius building. I always wondered when a Kelvin would come.  If you will it, it truly is no dream.

The Kelvin is located on Half Street in Navy Yard in sight of Nats Park. Their website says:

“440 Apartments. 60,000 Square Feet Of Retail. 3 Million Sets of Eyes. One Place To Be.

Hip shops, brimming restaurants and modern apartments…The Kelvin is about to transform Half Street. Perched above Nationals Park, this mixed-use development will build off the collective energy of its surroundings. Get ready, D.C.–it’s time to light it up.”


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