Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

The entire neighborhood is angry and the alarm is going off again as I write this message (10:18am). Today the guest parking pass has expired and I am not sure if this is finally groups for a tow! Thanks for any advice you may have!”

Original message:

Since Friday, June 28 there has been an almost hourly activation of a car alarm from a Red Blazer with Maryland plates parked in the 2200 block of Ontario Road, NW.

Not only does this happen throughout the night – it wakes up the entire neighborhood early in the morning (including many very young children, a pregnant neighbor about to give birth, elderly residents, and my very unhappy son home from college for the summer!)

Despite repeated calls to the police and traffic enforcement, the car still remains. It has a visitor parking pass in the window that expires on July 4th and a ticket because it was parked during street cleaning.

The police finally came last evening and talked to 5 of the people in the nearby house and the police officer said, “there is no law against car alarms and there is nothing I can do.” He did check that the car was legally registered but couldn’t give us any more information. We don’t understand why this doesn’t violate a noise ordinance and would greatly appreciate your assistance.”


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