Washington, DC

From the Office of the Attorney General:

“Last week, AG Racine announced a historic $600 million multistate settlement with Equifax over its 2017 data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 350,000 District residents and nearly half of the US population. This is the largest data breach settlement in history and it will require Equifax to:

  • Offer affected consumers free credit monitoring services for 10 years
  • Provide free Identity Theft Restoration services to all affected consumers
  • Strengthen its data security practices to help protect against another breach
  • Pay up to $425 million into a settlement fund for the benefit of affected consumers
  • Pay $175 million to the states, $4 million of which will go to the District of Columbia
  • Equifax will take steps to assist consumers:
    • with understanding their credit report;
    • with disputing inaccurate entries on their credit report, including credit report entries that are the result of identity theft;
    • who have become the victim of identity theft or who are concerned about becoming the victim of identity theft; and
    • including assisting active duty military members and their families with credit report issues unique to military members.

To find out if you are eligible for relief under the settlement and to submit a claim, visit the Equifax Breach Settlement website at www.EquifaxBreachSettlement.com or call 1-833-759-2982 toll-free to learn more. The deadline to file a claim in January 22, 2020.


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