Washington, DC

Thanks to Dan for sending:

“What happens upon return after leaving town for a few days over the 4th: tons of tomatoes (black cherry, midnight snack, orange tangerine, Barry’s crazy yellow), cucumbers, eggplant, more cayenne peppers than humanly consumable, and one lone sweet pepper. Plus ground cherries, Simpson Elite lettuce, and a bunch of sadly overripe produce.

Grown on the Hill-ish (if you’re 3 blocks directly East of Lincoln Park, what neighborhood are you in? Hill East? Kingman Park? Lincoln Park? Capitol Hill? Doesn’t-matter-because-it-will-have-a-new-name-anyway-after-RFK-development?)”

If you get a great garden haul this spring/summer please send a photo to [email protected] and let me know what neighborhood you are in. Thanks!  Great Garden Haul is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.


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