Washington, DC

Connecticut and Ordway Street, NW

Ed. Note: I stopped by to get these photos yesterday and it was the biggest emergency response I have ever seen. These photos don’t do justice to how many responders where there. There were at least two ladder truck, 3 or 4 pumper trucks, multiple police cars, and other fire department vehicles.

Thanks to Eric for passing on from St. Arnold’s Cleveland Park & The Abbey yesterday:

“Hey everyone! Unfortunately there was a large fire at our Cleveland park location this afternoon.
We will be closed until further notice at Cleveland Park.
We would love to see you at our other two locations and will update the events ASAP!”

From DC Fire & EMS at 2:17pm:

“Final Update: Working Fire – 3400 Block of Connecticut Avenue NW – Cause of Fire: Accidental – No Injuries – Additional commercial establishments impacted by smoke but no extension of fire. #DCsBravest going through firefighter rehabilitation and toxin/carcinogen decontamination.”

“Working Fire: 3400 Block of Connecticut Avenue NW – commercial building – Fire in the basement. No injuries to report at this time.”

Updates when we learn about a reopening date.


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