Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Last night, around 12:30am, a friend and I were in a Lyft home from DCA when we we pulled up to the stoplight at New Jersey Ave and New York Ave. While sitting there the individual in the car next to us starts motioning to our driver as if he needed directions or something. Our driver rolled down his window and was met with “are you an Uber driver” to which our driver responded “yes”. This led to the other driver going on a rant boasting about how he can afford his car and life without driving Uber. Naturally our driver rolled up his window and locked his doors. This set something off in the other guy and he starts screaming at us.

All the while the light has turned green and we start proceeding north on New Jersey. Soon enough the other driver passes us and abruptly stops his car in front of us. He then proceeded to get out of his car with what looked like a tire iron. He then started screaming at our driver demanding a fight. Then he started hitting the car with the tire iron while our driver tries to drive away.

By this point I’m on my phone with the police reporting the car make/model, license plate, and description of the assailant. We gave the police an address to meet us at and waited…and waited…and waited. We called 911 again and they said “someone would come, eventually”

I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that a guy threatened/beat our Lyft car with a tire iron or that it’s now 10+ hours later and we never heard or saw from a police officer.”


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