Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I came home after work on Friday and found this giant kiddie pool in our backyard. Assuming it was our basement neighbor’s, I sorta brushed it off until my husband noticed it and said, “No way…earlier today I remember I was deep into some document and swore I saw something big falling out of the corner of my eye [from the office on the 2nd floor]…but then forgot about it and moved on. Guess that actually did happen!” 😂😂😂 We checked with our neighbor and confirmed that it wasn’t his either.

So any other day we’d probably chalk this up to some folks in the alley trying to get rid of their Memorial Day weekend party pool, but I think the better guess is that the wind picked it up and dropped it into our backyard! I ❤ DC.

PS – If any one is missing an inflatable pool around Bloomingdale…you know where to find it.”


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