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From a press release:

“Beginning on Friday, May 3rd, Japanese chicken-centric eatery Bantam King (501 G St NW) based in Chinatown just around the corner from older culinary sibling Daikaya, will be re-opening its popular seasonal ‘Walk-Up Window’. The Walk-Up Window will feature a creative new line-up of sweet and savory soft serve options from Chef Katsuya Fukushima and team just in time to welcome spring and surging temperatures.

Open to the public during Bantam King’s regular business hours (Sunday – Thursday 11:30AM -10:00PM, Friday – Saturday 11:30AM-11:00PM), the ‘Walk-Up Window’ will serve an assortment of rotating sweet and savory soft serve options including: Fried Chicken Drumette in Vanilla Soft Serve with Ichimi Honey ($5.50), and Vanilla Soft Serve with Chicken Caramel and Peanuts ($4), just to highlight a few. Mochi will also be available (2 Pieces for $5), and Purin – Japanese Caramel Custard Pudding ($2.50).

“Kicking-off Bantam King’s spring 2019 Walk-Up Window season, we’re keeping things simple but playful by offering up two new soft serve options with additional limited specials in the works slated to launch in the coming weeks”, said Executive Chef/Daikaya Group Partner Katsuya Fukushima. “Our first soft serve option – Vanilla Soft Serve with Chicken Caramel and Peanuts – is our nostalgic nod to McDonald’s featuring a chicken reduction caramel drizzled over vanilla soft serve with peanuts. Our second soft serve option – Fried Chicken Drumette in Vanilla Soft Serve with Ichimi Honey – is inspired by our Moroccan chicken skin and ice cream sandwich from last year. It was such a hit that many fans have already asked for us to bring it back this season but we’ll have to see. This year we really wanted to introduce fans to our new fried chicken lollipop dunked in tingling Sichuan spices, chicken fat and butter, of which is perched on top of a soft serve sundae and then finished with a Japanese chili-honey drizzle. Just like with our fried chicken skin and ice cream sandwich, many might think this is an unusual combination, but it was a big hit with our team during the testing/R&D process. As far as additional possible menu items for Bantam King’s Walk-Up Window, a fried chicken sandwich with fried egg is also in the works for some of the more savory-centric menu items. We are really excited to see what the window has in store for us this season, we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to experience and enjoy our new soft serve line-up, and of course encourage all of our fans to stay in the loop regarding announcements and specials in the coming weeks.”


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