Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I want to share a concerning incident I had in a Lyft last night. My mom (who is visiting from out of town) and I were going to a nearby restaurant, about a ten minute drive. I did the standard license plate check to make sure it was the right car. Right away the driver started doing strange things. He braked really abruptly several times (in the middle of streets, not in traffic or at lights/signs) and was mumbling to himself. He also stopped in the middle of a street and then proceeded to drive super slowly down the street while cars were honking behind him. My mom and I were just chatting in the back about mundane things when he suddenly slammed on the brakes in the middle of Sherman Ave and jumped out of the car, opened the trunk, slammed the trunk down, opened my car door and started screaming at me “What are you doing!? Stop doing that! You know what you’re doing!” repeatedly.

He then slammed my door shut and started to get back in the car and my mom and I realized we needed to exit. As we fled the car in the middle of the busy street he stood there screaming at me “you know what you did!” He then got in his car and followed us as we walked down the street yelling the same things at me.

I’ve been using ride hailing apps since the original Uber black cars came to DC and have taken them multiple times a week for years. I’ve never felt unsafe like this before. I was so grateful that it happened in a busy area instead of a place with no one else around or some place unfamiliar. After numerous emails to Lyft they’ve only said they appreciate my feedback and gave me a $5 credit. This guy seems dangerous and like he may have been hallucinating or on drugs. He shouldn’t be driving for Lyft and Uber!”


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