Washington, DC

1201 Half Street, SE courtesy Bullpen

From an email:

“Throughout the summer, The Bullpen will continue to host Truckeroo, the ever-popular food truck festival in Washington, DC that showcases the hottest food trucks in the area. Truckeroo is a family friendly event that features live music, cold drinks, games, and dozens of mobile kitchens to choose from, including lobster rolls, barbecue, tacos, Asian-fusion, and more. Admission to the monthly festival is free on all Truckeroo dates throughout the season.

The first Truckeroo of the season will begin at 4pm on Friday April 19th at The Bullpen. All Truckeroo events will last from 4pm to 11pm unless otherwise noted. All ages are welcome to attend until 9pm, when guests must be 21 or over. Future Truckeroo dates include May 10, June 7, June 28, July 19, August 2, August 23 and September 20.”

You can see the participating trucks here.


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