Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I walk to work via NY Avenue east to west and I’ve noticed that Lafayette Square is barricaded in the mornings more and more often. What’s the deal? The weird thing is, you would think it would be for heightened security reasons, right? Interestingly, it’s not necessarily barricaded when foreign dignitaries are staying at Blair House, so what gives? Why the nuisance? Why can’t they wait to barricade after the morning commuters have passed through?

Everyone gets super annoyed when unexpectedly faced with the gates.

Yesteray was the worst offense. They’ve barricaded about half the park off! HALF! Is this necessary?! I actually asked one of the biked service members that question and got an exasperated head shake in return like I’m the annoying one rather than those grotesque black barricades that serve zero purpose.

Can you please see if anyone in our community understands the increasing necessity of these being put up especially during commuting hours?”


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