Washington, DC

14th and Irving Street, NW from a previous incident.

“Dear PoPville,

During yesterday morning’s commute (8:40am 3/26/19), I ran into a large group of teenagers gleefully running to the up escalators at Columbia Heights. I entered the station to find an adult male unconscious on the floor and a rider cursing about how the child had stomped on his head. Civilian medical professionals wandered up and the station manager said the medics were called. I could not ID the teenagers, so I left. But I can’t forget the sight of the man — or the laughter of the teenagers.

Does anyone know whether he recovered before leaving the station? He looked like he was in bad shape.

P.S. as I approached the station, I heard a father say to his preschool age twins, “why are you scared? It’s a fight. It’s funny.”

I inquired with WMATA and was told:

“At 8:44 a.m. yesterday, MTPD received a call from the Columbia Heights station manager reporting an assault in progress near the kiosk. An MTPD officer was at the station, at street level, and immediately responded, finding an adult male victim who had been punched and kicked by a group of male subjects, believed to juveniles. The victim was robbed of his cell phone during the assault.

The victim was treated on-scene by medics and declined transport.

MTPD detectives have multiple leads and have already identified some of the individuals involved. The investigation is ongoing.”


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