Washington, DC

via GoFundMe

From Fort Dupont Ice Arena’s Save Our Rink:

“DC Government is now considering rescinding its commitment to Fort Dupont and thousands of users, including children from Ward 7, Ward 8, and the users that subsidize FDIA’s free and reduced-cost programming. At a time when the DC Government’s coffers are full, the city is considering “reprogramming” its commitment to Fort Dupont in favor of other interests. Therefore, we need your help.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ANY FT. DUPONT SUPPORTER CAN DO … ATTEND THE COUNCIL MEETING AT 10:00 AM ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5th!  AT LEAST 150 SUPPORTERS IN THE CHAMBER — AND SILENTLY STANDING UP WHEN COUNCILMEMBER VINCENT GRAY’S RESOLUTION TO SAVE THE RINK IS CALLED UP FOR A VOTE — CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WINNING AND LOSING. The Council meets in the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Room 500. This is truly our last stand.  If Gray wins, the new rink funds are preserved. If he loses, the new rink’s funds will be gone. Click here to rsvp.

Your efforts have helped generate more good news… no, this is GREAT news: Ted Leonsis, Monumental Sports & Entertainment president, and the National Hockey League (NHL) have started a GoFundMe page for Fort Dupont Ice Arena … and they have each contributed $100,000 already!

Ed. Note: The fundraiser is now over $300,000 towards the $500,000 goal.

Spread the word far and wide! The rink was on the brink before our supporters engaged on (and beyond!)  social media and reached out to the Council. This final effort will SAVE OUR RINK!  On behalf of the thousands of kids that call Ft. Dupont home, THANK YOU!

One final task: Come and bring everyone you can to Council Chambers (1350 PA AVE, NW) this Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 10:00AM! Together, we can SAVE THE RINK!


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