Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Several months ago, my car was towed off of my private property mistakenly after a renter in my condo mistakenly called the police after not recognizing my car. The police ticketed my car and had it towed without any type of validation of the claim and did not bother to run the tags to see it was registered. After finally walking into a station with my compaint, several calls, and emails the officer hand delivered a cancellation for the ticket and admitted his error. The renter paid me for the towing fee, and the officer assured me it was all fine now and apologized.

Six months later I received a delinquency notice from a debt collector that I I still owe the city for the ticket and the total is now $600.

After reaching out, I found out that I was supposed to submit the cancellation form for the officer’s error, which he did not clearly state to me. I sent in an adjudication request with the form, but the DMV returned it saying it has been too long and I have to pay.

My car was stolen off my property that I own, the police admitted their error, but now my credit is adversely affected and I’m stuck with this bill. Does anyone have any experience on how this can now be remedied? I should not suffer for the officer’s incompetence.”


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