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Photos by Rey Lopez

Oh my God. I think it’s no secret that I was once the topped ranked amateur ping ponger on the south shore of Strong Island back in ’88. Anyway, maybe my brother could still beat me every time but suffice it to say I was pretty damn good. Which is one helluva a preface for this press release:

“This winter, the ultimate ping pong social experience will arrive in Washington, D.C. SPIN, the beloved ping pong social club founded in New York City with locations across North America, is set to deliver an unparalleled ping pong experience to the residents of the D.C Metro area. SPIN DC is slated to open its doors officially in January but will give D.C. a preview starting December 18th at 1332 F St. NW, bringing its eclectic mix of high-energy social play and love of the sport to our nation’s capital. Washington: welcome to your new offline social network.

Surrounded by the distinctive SPIN atmosphere that fuses sport, entertainment, design and hospitality, the venue will offer a wide range of activities for guests of all ages, including social leagues, special thematic nights and corporate play providing an inviting space with an inventive food and beverage program to match.
The 12,000 square foot interior will incorporate the brand’s signature elements including 12 Olympic-style ping pong tables, a full-service restaurant, a grand horseshoe bar that overlooks center court, and two private speakeasy style rooms set against a neon backdrop. Continuing their tradition of multi-sensory interiors, SPIN DC will feature inviting designed-filled moments such as a monochromatic blue themed room, their notorious ping pong bathtub scene, secret bookcases with hidden passageways and a playful ping pong wind-up toy installation housed at the entrance. SPIN DC’s kitchen will offer a wide range of delicious snackable and shareable offerings that guests can enjoy while moving between playing and eating. SPIN DC’s signature items include the Burger Mac, a hamburger stuffed with cheddar rolled in Mac and Cheese and deep fried and a winterized twist of the standard White Russian, with Maker’s Mark, cream, Maple syrup, Mr. Black cold brew liqueur and Becherovka.

“Over the years, SPIN has always championed the idea of uniting people, no matter what age, race, or ethnicity, with the simple game of ping pong,” remarks Pieter Vanermen, SPIN’s CEO. “We are excited to be at the forefront of the ping pong movement and offer an activity that transcends boundaries in the nation’s capital.”

Known for its inventive take on ping pong culture, SPIN DC will launch an array of original programming that will be available first in the Washington, D.C. location, including:

§ Unlimited Underground (launching December 23rd) – On Sundays, come early and stay late: unlimited ping pong is offered all day for $9 to collectively offer a space where the community can gather, eat, drink, connect and disconnect.

§ $9 After 9pm (launching January 2nd) – Every Monday through Thursday after 9:00pm, pick up a paddle, unwind from the workday, and join a game of late-night ping pong.
SPIN DC location will continue the traditional SPIN programming that offers a variety of activities for guests, including their acclaimed Players’ Night–Friday evenings centered around communal games, Monday’s Social League and Thursday’s Pick Up & Play, which is unlimited ping pong after 9PM activated with instruction from a SPIN pro.

Soft Launch Hours of Operation:
Tuesday, December 18th – Thursday, December 20th, 5PM-9PM Friday, December 21st – Saturday, December 22nd, 4PM-1AM Sunday, December 23rd, 12PM-5PM
Closed Monday December 24th- Tuesday December 25th
Wednesday December 26th-Thursday December 27th 5PM-9PM Friday December 28th-Saturday December 29th: 4PM-1AM Sunday December 30th: 12PM-5PM

Opening Special
$9 per person per hour
Sunday: $9 unlimited ping pong all day
For further information, please visit wearespin.com”

Photos by Rey Lopez


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