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“I know others that frequent that pharmacy will be sad to hear this terrible news.”

14th and W St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

It’s with great sadness that I write to you that my beloved CVS pharmacist at the 2129 14th St NW location, Annie, recently passed away.

Last week when my prescriptions got messed up I angrily asked where Annie was because she’s the only one at this pharmacy that could get my medicines right. Admittedly, I have some annoying medicines that require extra work, special orders, and atypical amounts that trip up most pharmacists. But not Annie. Over some of these weird quirks and issues, I grew closer to her and really appreciated how hardworking she was and able to solve almost any issue with ease and a smile.

When I asked where she was, I received a strange answer from one of the technicians–“she’s not here anymore.”

For someone that’s always working evenings and weekends I thought that was pretty strange. I could only imagine that in corporate eyes she’d be a star employee so I couldn’t see her getting fired. Angry, I pressed on. The tech said “I’m not sure she’s coming back.” Still not satisfied I pressed further and the tech said to me softly, so that others and the new head pharmacist wouldn’t overhear, “Something happened to her.” Shocked, I googled, checked local crime alerts and news reports but couldn’t find any information.

Because my prescriptions were still messed up, I went to the CVS again this weekend. Still pissed I asked “Where’s Annie?” One of the techs who often worked alongside Annie (and was there when I was originally questioning her whereabouts) looked uncomfortable and responded, “she’s passed.” I broke down into tears in the middle of store. The tech told me that they didn’t know what happened but knew that she passed away.

Annie was young and spirited. She helped me and so many others. She showed me great kindness when I was sick or having trouble managing my chronic conditions. She really was like a friend to me and someone who I would always look forward to seeing.

Annie was on a first name basis with many of her customers. I know others that frequent that pharmacy will be sad to hear this terrible news.

RIP Annie.”

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