“This cowardly and destructive act was not just an assault on the Anacostia Playhouse; it was a crime against every member of the Anacostia, Ward 8, DC and regional arts community.”

2020 Shannon Pl, SE via GoFundMe

Thanks to all who passed on this important fundraiser:

“Today, December 26th, the day after Christmas, our friends at the Anacostia Playhouse came to work and discovered they had been robbed. Thieves broke in and stole several laptops and computers, a tablet, box office cash, blank checks and credit cards (which they quickly used to make unauthorized purchases). As if that wasn’t bad enough, the robbers used a crowbar and broke into locked cupboards and filing cabinets.

In addition to leaving destruction and heartbreak in their wake, the thieves caused thousands of dollars in damages and stolen property. The Anacostia Playhouse has a huge impact on Anacostia and DC’s arts’ scene but they are still a tiny Ward 8 nonprofit. This crime will have a substantial and devastating impact on their operations — just as the Playhouse is about to host rehearsals on their next production, American Moor (Jan 11 – Feb 3). The Anacostia Playhouse will need financial, logistical and community support in the coming days and weeks.

This cowardly and destructive act was not just an assault on the Anacostia Playhouse; it was a crime against every member of the Anacostia, Ward 8, DC and regional arts community. The playhouse is a valued and sacred community arts space, from hosting award-winning theatrical performances to community meetings and free children’s programming, the Anacostia Playhouse has always been there for us. It is only fair that we be there for them now. The Playhouse is part of our community’s foundation so we should support them during their time of need.

This GoFundMe campaign is to help replace the equipment and furniture that was stolen or damaged, make repairs, upgrade the security system, install security cameras and to provide the Anacostia Playhouse with funds to support them while they make repairs and recover from this crime. I know it’s the holidays but every single bit counts, please give and share this GoFundMe campaign.

2018 marked the Playhouse’s 5th anniversary, to have this happen now, especially over Christmas and while Adele is recovering from the injuries she sustained when a car hit her over the summer is absolutely heartbreaking!

So please, give what you can and let’s show our #SoutheastLove and support for Adele, Julia and the entire Anacostia Playhouse family.

Thank you for your support.
Nikki Peele AKA The Advoc8te

Ward 8 resident and Editor/Founder of Congress Heights on the Rise
Learn more about the Anacostia Playhouse at

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