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8th and Upshur St, NW

Thanks to all who emailed about the sad Ruta Del Vino news. On Friday night SAF wrote us:

“Just came home from happy hour at Ruta Del Vino. Apparently tomorrow is their last day. We are all upset about this.”

At request of the owners I didn’t post anything and was hoping to learn more info yesterday but I didn’t hear back from them.

Update from the owners:

“To our regulars and our wonderful staff, thank you for the many friendships we made over the last two years. To all of our guests: it was an honor to serve you.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in taking over the lease. It’s a turnkey opportunity on a very hot block. Anyone interested can reach us at [email protected]

Based on the number of emails I’ve received this has really hit Petworth folks hard. Ruta del Vino transformed this corner two years ago:

before renovation

Ruta’s (Petworth’s Latin American Wine Bar and Restaurant) last post on Facebook November 5th:

“Saturday, November 10 is our second anniversary, God help us. Come for the Yahuali music, stay for the wild and crazy wheeling and dealing. If you’ve had a glass with us over the last two years, we’d love to see you for one this Saturday.”

One reader wrote us Saturday night: “At Rita del vino now and found out tonight is their last night! (Due to slow summer apparently?)”

RIP Ruta – you will be missed.

Updates when we learn more about the situation and who, eventually, takes over this now prime space on Upshur Street.


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