Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Dear PoPville,

Where do people get their Christmas trees and what do they like about their favorite places? Quality of tree? Price? Convenience?

For a number of years we’ve been quite pleased with getting ours really close to home at Old City Farm. We started getting our tree from them back when they were on 9th & O St. (or maybe P St, can’t quite recall) and have continued since they moved to 9th & Rhode Island.

Over these many years we’ve only gotten one or at most two not so great trees from them and living in Bloomingdale you can’t beat the convenience.

But over the last couple of years it seems their prices have gone up a bit and last year for a 8-9 foot Fraser fir tree we spent something like $120. We’d rather not do that again.

I know you can get cheaper trees at Home Depot. But that’s also not quite for us. Who has a go-to place that they swear by for trees? We’d love to find a place that is less than $10/foot in the city but still high quality tree. Or if there is a can’t miss experience not too far outside the city where the price point makes the drive worth it, we’d be willing to do that too. Bonus points for a vendor that starts selling on Thanksgiving weekend.”


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