Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Doug has crossed the River! I run a restaurant in the Courthouse area of Arlington and my host told me some Doctor asked to speak with me. Almost immediately I felt I recognized him, and it took about 30 seconds into his story about being a neighbor and a former “regular” of ours, that his assistant had his car and he left his wallet, phone and keys in there and was having trouble getting in touch with him. He said the host was nice enough to let him use the phone but he had no luck. My first response was to just say “Doug?”, to which he said, “huh?”. I asked how I could help him and he asked for some free beer, to which my response was, “that’s not going to happen, Doug”.

He realized I wasn’t buying his story and said “I guess you’re not planning on helping me out.” “No Doug, I’m not”. To which he turned around and left. We called the bar next door to warn them and they said the manager was already talking to him. So he’s making the rounds. I know it’s not the best photo, but I realized I should snap a photo as he was leaving.

I feel like it’s a celebrity sighting. I’m actually giddy I didn’t get scammed by Doug the Scammer. Hopefully your VA readers are on the lookout.”


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