Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I have a water-damaged wall in the back bedroom on the top floor of my house.

Once I get the source of the water damage* fixed, what kind of contractor should I get to fix the water-damaged plaster (and possibly lathe) on this wall?

And do I need a different kind of contractor to assess just how deep the water damage is in the wall?

The outside of the wall was repointed in 2014, so so the wall should be OK on the outside. But I don’t know what’s between the brick and mortar on the outside and the plaster/lathe on the inside. (Would there be an additional layer of brick?)

* A roofer/gutter contractor looked at the water damage and at the roof, and said that the damage stems from the new roof having been put over the old roof (rather than removing the old roof first).”


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