Washington, DC

Ed. Note: They forgot the ‘end’ in North.

“Dear PoPville,

Went by the new “Trellis House” apartment building (Sherman Ave & Barry Place) this morning and saw Bozzuto had put out a bunch of signs, so I looked it up.

“We live where the iconic meets the worldly and style is supported by substance. Find us at the corner of Sherman Avenue and Barry Place, in the heart of the historic and dynamic North Shaw neighborhood.”

North Shaw??

That’s a thing? Even if it were a thing, certainly the heart of said neighborhood cannot be found at Sherman & Barry Pl.

I have a completely separate question (although somewhat related since we’re talking neighborhood boundaries): is the border between Park View and Columbia Heights Sherman Ave or Georgia Ave?

I get a different answer depending on who I ask, so it feels like all the houses between Sherman & Georgia along Kenyon, Irving, Columbia, etc. + Bruce Monroe Park are in limbo. The Welcome to Park View sign is East of Georgia, but I don’t know that really settles it.”

Back in the day Park View went to Sherman and the houses to the east were Pleasant Plains but I’m gonna back out of this one because:


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