Washington, DC

From Council Member Silverman’s Office:

“We were saddened to hear that this community haven was targeted and vandalized too. Here’s the GoFundMe page to help Check It get a new window.”

The GoFundMe says:

“Around 6pm this morning a naked woman screeming homophbic gestures threw a brick through the Check It store and community center double pain window and door.

This is devastating because if the insurance pays for it there will be a huge increase because of the stores location.

The building has been a safe haven for the “LGBT Youth”, “Returned Citizens” and community as a whole. Your support is need so “Check It” can secure its building and get back to the great work that so many have benefited from.

Hatred and Drug K-2 abuse is a epidemic in our community but we can not let it stop us from uniting as one and moving forward.

With the help of it’s mentor Ron Moten, Check It Enterprises are LGBTQ youth who left a street gang formed to fight violent attacks and bullying to form this social enterprise. We have refused to let hate divide us and have used this building to unite our entire community and show all DC youth what can happen when don’t give up and use your God given talent to help yourself and elevate your community.

Any donation would be appreciated !!”


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