Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My name is Mark Prysler and I am the general manager at Kapnos Kouzina, in Bethesda, MD.

I had seen previous posts about Doug The Scammer. Countless times he had allegedly intruded homes asking for money, stealing, etc.

Last Saturday during our dinner service, a bald man in his 50’s with glasses came into the restaurant wearing a shirt & tie. He rang up a $50 bar tab, and then proceeded to tell the bar and a fellow manager he could not pay the check. He then asked for cab fare so he could get his wallet.

This situation was brought to my attention, whereby I approached the man and he introduced himself as Doug.

I immediately realized who he was, and called the authorities. He jetted outside but my call allowed the Montgomery County cops to track him down the street. He was later arrested.

I want to thank your blog and the entire DC community for constantly posting on this guy. If I hadn’t recognized him from the blog, he would have never been taken into custody.

I hope we may have an end, or at least a firm consequence to Doug The Scammer’s malice.

And to any of those victims affected by his scams, you may rejoice!”


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