Washington, DC

A reader passes on a message sent to the Ward 1 and Ward 4 council members:

“In these incidents, an illegal “bomb” firework was lobbed directly at the front porches of two Petworth/Park View residents, the first on July 18th in Ward 4, and the second on July 20th in Ward 1. Ed. Note: I heard the latter was in Park View.

In the first incident, the bomb squad was called out. A hole was blown straight through the porch.
In the the second incident, the porch was severely damaged–mangling an iron rail. In both cases, the residents were at home.

The two explosions were so powerful that they shook houses blocks away from the scenes. The Ward 4 explosion could be seen from an apartment balcony in Columbia Heights, at least a two mile distance.

The police indicated that they believe that the illegal “bomb” fireworks were tossed from passing cars.

Between legal and illegal fireworks, the entire month of July has become a danger where I live. However, I am worried that these past two incidents were intentional efforts to harm residents.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

Ward 4 Council Member Brandon Todd reports:

“I have been told by MPD that the Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD) investigated the incident in the 4400 block of 5th St. N.W. It was determined that a pyrotechnic firework was detonated at the location. There was no indication that anyone was targeted for harm.”

Ed. Note: I have heard from another source that and EOD officer estimated that it was as strong as 2 M-80s or more.


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