Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I can’t take it anymore with the omnipresent election flyers in my mail, on my car, and all over the sidewalks. I’ve gotten over 50 pieces of election related mail in the past 2 weeks, and one candidate’s street team saw fit to pepper my entire block with hundreds of small square flyers (see pic below – this is about 10% of the block’s coverage) Especially in DC where candidates are often trying to out-progressive each other, the waste of paper, money, and energy printing these and strewing them all over town is a downright shame. I will actively be voting against the candidates who have stuffed my mailbox and cluttered the streets with litter, and encourage others to do the same.”


“I will NOT vote for anyone who texts or robocalls me. Is anyone else ready to take the pledge with me?”

Ed. Note: Well, the good news is that the election is tomorrow, so what ever your decision – don’t forget to vote!!


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