Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ted Eytan

“Dear PoPville,

The relevant details: I’ll be moving from Los Angeles to DC this summer. My new job will likely be in Tyson’s Corner (blech). My girlfriend lives in Columbia Heights. I will have a car.

So: Where should I live that maximizes the advantages of living in DC (cool area! preferably not hours away from her) while still not providing a hideous reverse commute to and from Tyson’s. I will keep my car, so this would not have to necessarily be near a metro stop. She suggested Foggy Bottom, which seems boring. (I grew up in DC, but it’s been about a decade since I’ve lived here, so any help you can give is much appreciated.)

Tl;dr: Please tell me where to live that’s cool in DC but that won’t make me want to kill myself on my commute to and from Tyson’s every day.”


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