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“Dear PoPville,

In light of all of the news lately where people have been flat out racist, from the Starbucks arrests to the more recent dorm room napping while black incident and the just renting an AirBnB while black situation, this is still happening in our own backyards. We can and must do better then this:

Today in Living While Black: Caleb had a bit of a fever today so I stayed home with him. Not wanting to spend the whole day inside, I took him on a walk to the Kingman Island park near our house. 30 minutes into our stroll I got flagged by a security officer in one of those cars marked “Special Police” on the side. I was a bit confused as to whether she was looking for me to stop but she honked twice and pulled over so I got the picture. She told me that she received a complaint from someone who said there was a “suspicious man” walking on the bike path with a baby.

She said that when the complainant was asked to describe my race, she declined. Nevertheless, this person, a white lady on a bike who veered off as Caleb and I were walking in her direction, saw fit to report me to security. After a pleasant conversation with the officer, she said she just wanted me to know what happened and sent me on my way. If this complaint had been made to a different security officer or an actual cop, things could have gone very differently. This is exactly why we have to talk about white privilege and why black lives matter. Because at any point doing any thing anywhere my safety and my child’s safety could been in jeopardy because some well intentioned complaint. But today is a good day, so we are gonna finish our stroll.


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