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“Dear PoPville,

We recently moved to Hill East and while it’s a generally great area, there is one issue we are wrestling with. Hopkins Public Housing essentially hosts outdoor concerts every Sunday morning with various singers. Following this they hook up the ipod and play music till 8 PM. The music is very loud, and we can clearly hear it inside our brick home. The music can be heard for blocks. On Memorial day, they sang and played music all day after they had their ‘concert’ on Sunday. We’re not objecting to playing music, we just don’t want to hear it in our homes.

Despite numerous neighbors’ efforts to contact 311, the police, council members, and asking them to turn down their music, it never stops. No one seems to care about our complaints. We honestly don’t know what to do at this point. Allowable residential noise levels are 60 decibels which is equivalent to normal conversation, and they are obviously disturbing the peace. (See pdf link on bylaws here.)

Thoughts on next steps?”

Ed. Note: To preempt the comments real quick- Say what you gotta say, but please try to say it nicely. Advice, however arguably warranted, will likely not be received well if delivered only with vitriol/derision.


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