Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user random lady

So, I’ve been thinking about how much I love the humble tuna melt sandwich. It is a God damn delicious sandwich. I dare say perfection (especially if you add some bacon in there.) This is possibly the most underrated delicious sandwich in the world. Well second after the Volkswagen of sandwiches – the PB and J. I digress – the tuna melt got me thinking about things that are underrated in general. For example – last week was teacher appreciation week. And it really did make me think about our teachers and those who care for our kids – damn – we are very lucky to have some phenomenal teachers. Not to mention the kindest guards and custodial staff. And of course we’ve spoken a bit about the great crossing guards. And I know it’s not universal but the sanitation workers who do my block are not only hard working but they are nice as can be!! The bus driver who honks at the kids on my block every single time he passes is the freaking best!! TRUTH. Honestly, it’s the little things like that, that make it all worth it. Alright, alright, it doesn’t have to be a District employee and it doesn’t have to be a sandwich. It just has to be underrated. What’s on your list?


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