Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear PoPville,

Today I got notification from my rowhouse’s management company that on May 4th my property received a Notice of Violation: Solid Waste Not Properly Stored/Contained for Collection and Providing Food Or Breeding Ground For Rodents Or Causing A Potential Fire Hazard. The violation comes with a fine of $75, and it states that a response needs to be received no later than 19 calendar days after the notice was given out (so the deadline has passed).

Several pictures of overflowing trash bins were attached to the violation. But the thing is: these bins are being used by another house, as shown by the location of the bins in the photo (probably 20-30 feet away from where my house places our bins on pickup days).

I imagine that there might been a bin code that is tied to our property, but us residents were never told to use specific trash bins by the property owner or management company.

Because of these circumstances, do you think it’s worth it to Deny this violation and appear for a Hearing? I’ve never gone through this process, so don’t know if just splitting the $75 fine among a few of us in the house would be easier/less of a hassle than going back to my property manager and then showing up for a hearing. Do you think the property owner would have to be the one to show up for the hearing provided that her name is on the Notice of Violation? Should I be worried about stirring up some kind of tension between those of us leasing the house and the property owner?

Would greatly appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks!”


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