Washington, DC

Thanks to Ellen for sending:

“This is Ms. Keesha, the lovely crossing guard at Garrison Elementary on 13th St NW. She goes above and beyond every day to make sure the kids and families at the school feel welcome and safe. But even more than that, she’s a community builder. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She engages with everyone, dog walkers, bikers, and neighbors, even those of us without any ties to the school. Commuters will toot a hello as they drive by. Even my dog, who mostly keeps his distance from people, will bound across the crosswalk to get to her. We miss her on the days we don’t see her! She deserves a big shout-out to show how much the community appreciates her!”

Your turn! If you have a fantastic crossing guard please take a photo include a few sentences of why S/He is so great. And include what neighborhood you are in. Thanks! [email protected]


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