Washington, DC

From the Media Relations Team at Mike Isabella Concepts:

“Women at Mike Isabella Concepts are banding together, voluntarily speaking out, and supporting their company. Specifically, a group of female leaders and managers from MIC. Please see their letter attached.

To our Friends, Families, Communities, and Guests –

In light of the recent allegations brought against Chef Mike Isabella and the partners at Mike Isabella Concepts (MIC), we want to send a simple message:

Women are the backbone of Mike Isabella Concepts, and we are proud to have earned our success through hard work, dedication and a genuine love of the hospitality industry.
Chef Mike and his team have built a culture based on open-communication, equality, and a productive, friendly work environment.

The executive team’s tenacity and enthusiasm encourage us to give our best every day because MIC is more than a restaurant group; we are family.

We hope for due process over the next few months, and in the meantime, we will continue to band together as a team, work hard, and take pride in serving our loyal guests.

Thank you,

The Women of Mike Isabella Concepts

Rochelle Cooper Dhiandra Olson Katarina Famoso Ket Raxajak
Gina Dakouni Janelle Serianni Darby Fallon Missy Pankow Natalie Matthews Valeria Linares

“Also attached are statements from MIC employees Tiff Dunn, Stephanie Babcock, and Sarah Von Pollaro, detailing their experiences working for the company.”




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