Washington, DC

Thanks to all who messaged. The Washington Post reported yesterday:

“The lawsuit filed in Superior Court in the District of Columbia says when Caras was fired in 2017 she was the director of operations for the Isabella Eatery in Virginia and the highest-ranking woman in Isabella’s organization, Mike Isabella Concepts. The lawsuit says that during Caras’ three years with the company she was subject to unwelcome touching, sexual advances, vulgar and explicitly sexual remarks and gestures, and sexists insults and texts calling her a “dumb bitch” and a “whore” and false rumors about her sexual history.”

Washingtonian reports more this morning:

“Isabella and his partners describe Caras as a “single disgruntled co-owner of the company” (she told the Post she owns a small share in Arlington’s Yona restaurant) and say that her accusations are supported only by former employees who are her friends. They bolster their defense by saying 60 percent of the company’s top management and leadership personnel are women and that Caras was replaced by a woman.”

You can read more allegations in the Post and in Washingtonian. Updates as the case develops.


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