Washington, DC


“Hi! OP here. Just a few things. The entire feed wasn’t posted so there are details missing. I am a DC resident and a person of color. This was ordered from target.com not an insta service. No special shipping requested. The back of the card has multiple white supremacy websites listed where like minded people can go to get information and mobilize. The diapers in question were inside of a bigger box with other items. So this card originated from target. Whether it was on a shelf and a rogue shopper placed it in the box or someone that packed it did is a mystery. It is also a target brand diaper. So if it happened at the manufacturer, it is still on them. What did I want target to do? Find the person and fire them. They didn’t and they aren’t. I’m not asking for a target boycott. I still shop at target. This happened a few weeks ago and with the post from yesterday a friend asked me to send it to Popville. So I did. I think the point some of you are missing is that this is happening. I used to watch stories about white supremacy on the news and be shocked and angry but then pretty much go on with my day never thinking it would make its way into my house. The day I opened this and found it in the box, I started shaking. I was angry. I was disgusted. I was terrified. I have a small child in my house. She is half white. But to a Neo-Nazi that won’t count. they will hate her just the same. Friends asked me if I thought they targeted me because of my last name? They asked if my name or my husband’s name was on the label. Mine was. I don’t feel I was targeted. I think someone put these in boxes at the warehouse hoping it would make its way into the right people’s hands. Calling the police or the FBI is ridiculous. Even though it is shitty, it’s protected speech. So they are allowed to do this. So what is the point of me sharing this? Making sure we all know it is happening everywhere and it can touch each and every one of us. No matter how benign it may seem to some of you. To a person of color and the white people that love them, it matters.”

“Dear PoPville,

I got white supremacy propaganda in a box of diapers I received from Target. Target isn’t doing anything about it. It’s unacceptable that Target is just blowing this off. I received another box of diapers and they shipped it with the handles taped shut. I assume that was their answer to this problem.”


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