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I’m Sorry to Interrupt the Fun But It’s Best To Not Ignore This Terrifying Account of a Near Shooting

via Julie Humphrey Vallelunga

Ed. Note: Here is info on Saturday’s March For Our Lives Rally.

Like elected D.C. Council Member’s spewing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories – I really wish I didn’t have to post about this but we cannot pretend it didn’t happen. Thanks to all who messaged me the update from Monday’s Shots Fired at 14th and Upshur St, NW at 2:45pm. It was alluded to in the comments of the original post but here’s the full account from Julie Humphrey Vallelunga’s Facebook:

“There’s a bullet hole my child’s car seat. That bullet missed my neck by inches as I sat in my car at the intersection next to their school, waiting to pick them up a few minutes later. I saw the shooter a split second before my windshield shattered, completely unable to do anything. When I felt an immediate prick of pain, I had to wonder if I had been struck by flying glass or a bullet. (Just minor glass scrapes.)

The school, of course, immediately went into lockdown. When I could finally pick them up, my 3 year old told me with a bit of naïve pride that her whole class was so, so quiet as they all huddled in a closet. My 7-year-old told me how they all scrambled to find the best places to take cover, away from the windows. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

I am still in too much shock to think anything coherently, but know that I will never forget seeing a bullet hole through my child’s car seat and then imaging the horrors that far, far too many Americans live through. We MUST do better.

Thankfully, there were no injuries in this shooting that we are aware of – just trauma. I know that so many will be sending their love, thoughts, and prayers to me and my family tonight, which I feel and sincerely appreciate. But please, do MORE.”

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