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“Ukulele/associated aesthetic and dead dreams – $50”

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm 0

hahaha I love Craiglist (and my readers) volume 1140:

Ukulele/associated aesthetic and dead dreams – $50

“The manic pixie dream girl shtick never really worked for me so I’m here to sell you a perfectly good Kala soprano ukulele. And I don’t want to see you crooning with this in my local coffee shop, either. This uke is not for hipster bullshit. This is a beautiful instrument for shame-playing scales in the safety of your own room.


It is a ukulele. Yup. 100% genuine uke.
idk what kind of wood it is but it smells good, so
Includes soft carrying case
/probably some notebook paper with dumb lyrics and my name + my crush’s last name, honestly I don’t even want to look

Also ukuleles are so much more than a punchline–real Hawaiian music is rich, heart-wrenching, and wildly underappreciated. I hope you create beautiful music with this or at least have a crush whose last name is easy to rhyme.”


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