Washington, DC

Photo by Flickr user Trader Scott

NO!!!!!!! A reader reports:

“I am currently renovating my basement, and my contractor was at DCRA last week to ask some questions. While there, he heard that starting 2018, DCRA is no longer approving building permits, where the owner wants to renovate and add a wet bar in the basement. Apparently this is coming from the zoning administrator. The concern is people often turn them into kitchens after the fact. I don’t remember hearing any announcements or discussions to this effect in a public forum – and am curious what others think.

However, I find the idea that the city won’t let a homeowner put a wet bar in his or her basement outrageous.

Who are you to tell a homeowner how that they may or may not enjoy their own home or space, esp when they are willing to get a building permit from DCRA to do everything legally and by code? I also think this will probably lead to a lot of people who will go ahead and do it illegally instead, which could be more dangerous. Thoughts?”

Ed. Note: I imagine the value of this house just went way up.


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