Washington, DC

a helicopter searching at night

From MPD:

“Please be advised, 2D is currently working three (3) possible robbery incidents in the area of 21st and O and 23rd and O, involving a similar lookout and modus operandi. The lookout in each incident is for 3 B/M juveniles, last seen wearing hoodies. In each incident, the subjects asked the complainants to borrow their cell phones and subsequently took the cell phones, or attempted to. No weapons were mentioned and no injuries were reported. If any has any information regarding these incidents please call 202-727-9099.”

In happier news, Deputy Mayor Donahue‏ tweets us this morning:

“Still much work to do, but crime down significantly YTD:
• Violent crime ⬇️24%
• Robbery ⬇️29%
• ADW ⬇️21%
• Murder ⬇️13%
• Burglary ⬇️29%”


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