Washington, DC

From an email:

“We’re excited to announce that there will be a ribbon cutting this weekend at the Piney Branch picnic grove. Join us this Saturday as we celebrate the rehabilitation of the area, including the installation of a new grill. As the site of the only walkable picnic grove on the East side of the park, we have been eager to get this parkland in ship-shape for the local community as well as local wildlife. Now we can say we are well on our way!

Some of you have volunteered at this site before, and many of you have donated funds that have helped us rehabilitate the area. So, we’d like to invite all of you to the ribbon cutting! We’ll be kicking off the day with a volunteer planting at 9AM, followed by a picnic and ribbon cutting at 11AM. Please head to our events page to sign up and let us know you’re coming (and don’t forget to bring a picnic!)


There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but we’ve recently hit a few milestones!

1) Installed the first grill at the Picnic Grove 29.

2) Rehabilitated wetlands near the picnic grove.

3) Built a fence surrounding the wetlands to limit human impact.

4) Planted trees on both sides of Piney Branch Parkway.

5) Cleaned up trash around picnic grove and in surrounding forest.

6) Removed many invasive plants.

7) Moved trash bins closer to the picnic area for convenience and to help limit litter.”


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