Washington, DC

“a first look at the Museum’s new entrance.” rendering courtesy Smithsonian Institution

From a press release:

“The Museum in Washington, DC, is in for some exciting changes over the next few years when all of its 23 galleries will be updated or redone. Many exhibitions will be refreshed but retain current themes, while others will be completely replaced. The innovative designs will present the story of aviation and space in ways that resonate with our modern communication-savvy visitors. Each of the galleries will include presentation areas where experts and visitors can interact through demonstrations and discussions, also shared through online webcasts. The new spaces will begin to open in 2021.

In addition, the 41-year-old building will undergo a complete refacing of the exterior, replacement of outdated mechanical systems, and other repairs and improvements.

The project will be done on a phased sequencing schedule that will keep many exhibitions open during the construction process.”


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