Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

So Friday I was downtown and this man rolled his walker up to me and asked if I had 20 dollar bill for two tens. Knowing that I had hit the ATM the night before I said “Yes I do” and handed him a twenty, he handed me two tens. I took a real close look at those tens and while I was doing this he said to me “Sir, you made a mistake and gave me this one dollar bill” and I said “Oh I’m sorry”and handed him a twenty dollar bill. When I got to the corner I recalled that my wallet was empty the night before when I went to the ATM so there were only three twenties in my wallet. Turned around, he was gone. Well today I ran into him on U street and told him that on Friday I had no one dollar bills in my wallet and he said to me “Well when I got home Friday I had lots of twenty dollar bills in my wallet” Bless his heart. I love my city!”


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