Washington, DC

From the Hill East listserve yesterday at 4:30pm:

“I watched a group of male Jefferson Middle School students harass a man at the Potomac Ave Metro this afternoon at 4 as I was on my way to get my own kids from School.

They had some kind of verbal confrontation and picked up a stick or a pipe. The man walked away. I called 911. The children then hid behind a granite retaining wall and waited for him to walk a block. Then, they chased him down the block. I followed. I told a passerby, an African-American man my senior with a USDA badge (whose name I wish I had caught!) that ‘those boys were going to hurt that man’. This heroic fellow chased after the boys to get them to disperse while the intended victim was able to slip into Jade Fitness and safety.

The boys waited for the victim to emerge and then doubled back to the Metro. MPD and Transit Police arrived before they got a second crack at him. Police spoke with the victim on the scene.

MPD’s response was prompt. Neighbors were alert. That’s good news. The bad? The behavior demonstrated by these students.

I spoke with Jefferson staff to report this incident just after it happened to stress the connection between this incident, a recent mugging, and other recent acts of trespass and harassment by a selection of the Jefferson student body.

Though I will leave it to the professionals to come up with a solution for tomorrow’s dismissal at Jefferson, I can certainly say that I look forward to it.


Daniel Ridge
Commissioner, ANC 6B-09″


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