Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Did anyone else notice the helicopter flying circles over Petworth/Columbia heights this morning? I am currently out walking my dog and this one helicopter has done at least ten circles over our heads this morning already and is still at it (it’s only 7am).”

Another reader places it at:

“Any info on a helicopter circling low around Spring, 10th, Otis for 1/2 hour or so at 7:00 am?”

Another reader reports:

“I live on the 1000 block of Quebec Pl NW columbia heights. about 7am I was woke up by women and men screaming.

I look out the window to see 1 SWAT team tanker truck, 3 ford excursions with the satalite domes on top like president trucks have, about 5 all black dressed swat team uniformed police and 2 females in cuffs while officers were inside.

I searched all kinds of local news site but came up with nothing.”


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