Washington, DC

709 8th Street, SE

UPDATE from the owner:

“SkillZone is doing very, very well as a business with incredible month over month growth and hundreds of member families.

Due to demand from our members, our business model has expanded to focus on the social side of raising children. This includes letting families have a drink or two in the afternoons as they socialize with other parents and watch their children.”

Thanks to Alex for sending:

“Guess the second paid entry indoor children’s playground in a row, in this location, has failed.”

The liquor license application for SkillZone says:

“New private club with 70 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 174. Club is for parents with young children. Establishment will hold “members-only” social events for parents and will serve wine and beer.”

Ed. Note: On a personal note I’ll go ahead and throw an AMEN.


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